Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA (M1) Fresh Milk Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

  • Purchase or full service lease available
  • Up to 150+ drinks a day
  • Dimensions 340 mm W x 520 mm D x 670 mm H
  • 1 Espresso Hopper / Brewer  
  • 2 Soluble canisters
  • MIA Fresh Milk 
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Vitro X1 MIA is an elegant and contemporary looking compact coffee machine that has been developed with attention to detail and with the best material finishes, providing it with a unique premium identity. Vitro X1 MIA is also very easy to use and maintain which delivers
consumers with a consistent high standard coffee experience. You will be able to offer a wide range of espresso based fresh milk drinks,
thanks to the innovative patented micro-injected air technology (MIA), from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers. The independent hot water serving areas allows the consumer to prepare tea & delicate infusions at ease with clean fresh hot water. Vitro X1 MIA is suitable for any location that consumes up to 150 cups per day.

We have included the latest technology in the Vitro X1 MIA in order to obtain delicious, consistent and perfect drinks, increasing the satisfaction of your customers or employees and minimising the time you have to spend on maintenance. Vitro X1 MIA is very easy to re-programme and you can adapt any recipe to suit the tastesof your customers. You can select the order in which each ingredient is poured into the cup, specify whether you want the milk to be liquid or foamed and hot or cold, and the amount of foam you want for each option. Your recipe will be made with precision, cup after cup. Furthermore, the Vitro X1 MIA can also produce delicious drinks with plant based milk.
Vitro X1 MIA is fitted with the patented AZK V30 espresso brewer that is able to adjust each recipe to your customer’s preferences with the possibility of setting a weight of between 7 and 14 grams of coffee.

Vitro X1 MIA has been designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of accessories, consumer payment options and functioning modes. Vitro X1 MIA incorporates a 700-cc boiler becoming the perfect solution for Coffeeto-Go establishments, convenience stores, hotel and service stations where service needs to be intuitive and fast. It is also the perfect solution to promote a cooperative culture in the office, offering high quality fresh milk-based coffee beverages and a
premium user experience.

The Vitro X1 MIA model is adapted to the current situation where safety and hygiene in the purchasing process are of great importance.
The patented Distance Selection technology allows the user to safely select their product at a distance of up to 2 cm from the surface of the
machine, even wearing gloves and without the use of any further tool.

The Vitro X1 MIA incorporates a fast, safe and extremely user friendly automatic process that ensures perfect cleaning of the fresh milk system. After each service and five minutes after the last one, the Vitro X1 MIA automatically releases water under pressure through all the pipes to remove any traces of milk that may have been deposited inside. A manual cleaning process with a cleaning product is scheduled every 24-48 hours and is carried out in a safe and very simple way. The cycle lasts 10 minutes and it takes just 1 minute to activate the process. In addition, for the safety of your customers, the Vitro X1 MIA will warn you that you should clean the milk tank if the machine has been off for more than six hours or if the milk cooler sensor has detected that the temperature has
been above 8ºC for more than 8 hours.

  • Extensive menu of hot and cold drinks
  • High capacity milk system allowing continuous service
  • Preparation of milk foam in a second. Queues are reduced, which allows for an increase in the number of services.
  • Perfect taste and aroma for your drinks. When milk proteins are exposed to high temperatures for an uncontrolled period
    of time, they are denatured, resulting in unwanted flavours and odours. With MIA, control of the temperature is absolute.
  • Reduce milk waste, the efficient milk system uses the precise amount of milk required to create the perfect
    foam, reducing business costs.

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