Home Brew Coffee Kit


  • Complete coffee home brewing pour over kit.
  • Includes V60 Filters & 250g of our Nurture four bean coffee blend
  • Easy to use for experts and newbies to the home coffee brew experience
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Why a pour over coffee set?

Pour over coffee, (sometimes called hand brewing, drip coffee and filter coffee) simply refers to coffee that has been brewed by pouring hot water over grinds of coffee and allowing them to drip into a vessel of some sort.

Known as an infusion method, it allows the water more time to interact freely with the beans. Creating a more consistent brew by extracting more of the aromas and releasing more of the natural oils that help create a well rounded clean coffee.

Because of this fuller extraction of flavours, pour over coffee can be a great way to enjoy single origin roasts. This allows you to fully enjoy all the intricacies of the coffee bean in all its glory

Set includes:

Ceramic burr adjustable hand grinder

Pour over gooseneck kettle with integrated thermometer

Glass pour over coffee brewer and pot (to be used with filter papers)

Set of digital scales

Natural fibre wooden brush for cleaning

And wooden measure.

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