Billi iMist Branded Sanitisation

• Mist Application delivers a more efficient way to cover every part of the hands
• 80% alcohol formulation offers maximum hand hygiene protection
• Uses the most advanced sensors so users feel confident with every spray
• LED base lighting enhances the stylish look and feel
• FREE Custom branding available

Suitable for Offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and school environments. Our innovative iMist hand sanitising unit, uses
the most advanced sensors to detect hands for peace of mind and contactless protection with each mist dispense.

Colour options White, grey, dark grey
Weight 32.7kg
Height (cm) 135
Width (cm) 25
Depth (cm) 25
Suggested number of users 60+
Capacity 5L (Pre set for 16,400 sprays)

1 review for Billi iMist Branded Sanitisation

  1. Ethanson11

    Amazing machine, I look after five floors of a corporate building and we had these tiny little dispensers that just seemed to need filling up all the time. We have had ours branded and they look amazing

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