Water Boiler – Wall Mounted 5 litre Contactless Vend

  •  Includes delivery, installation & first years boiler service
  •  Precise water temperature control
  •  Slim wall mounted dispenser
  •  5 litres of instant hot water
  •  Stainless steel or white options
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The Wall-Mounted Boiler is a high capacity water boiler system that dispenses hot boiling water. With the Boiler’s sophisticated and reliable
system, water temperature will always be efficiently controlled with any steam from the heat up cycle being contained inside this water dispenser’s compact boiler.

As part of the boiling cycle, water is heated by an electronic heating element with the temperature being controlled within a pre-set limit. When the boiling water is drawn off, the unit will fill with cold water, allowing for quick and easy temperature

Fully installed with first years boiler service included!

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