Franke A300 (60-80 drinks a day)

  • 60-80 amazing coffees a day
  • No boiler inspection required
  • Easy Clean automated cleaning system
  • Integrated descaling system
  • Easily customizable beverage menu
  • Intuitive menu prompts
  • Central unlocking mechanism on the front of the machine
  • Brewing unit can easily be removed
  • Clear and intuitive touch screen
  • Reduced footprint

Space should never get in the way of taste. With the new A300, it’s all about the moment when the professional coffee experience opens up to absolutely everyone. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interactive screen, patented automatic EasyClean system exclusive to Franke and consistent in-cup quality, the A300 is ideal for smaller restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, offices, universities and anywhere else where space limited.

A large, intuitive touch screen and step-by-step guide makes creating a delicious coffee experience easier than ever. Franke’s patented automatic EasyClean system reduces cleaning time and complexity, while limescale is eliminated easily with an environmentally friendly, integrated and fully automatic descaling system.

Advertising messages and images can be easily placed on the display. The ideal user interface is at your disposal to address every possible application and use.
Self-service is available and guests place their order from an attractive menu of beverages.

The desired beverage can be selected with a simple touch providing your guest with great coffee.

Inspiring images awake curiosity and invite them to explore an almost limitless range of beverages.

The LED lighting not only gives the central display a stylish appearance, it also issues warning messages to confirm a drink is being made or operator messages requesting that coffee or milk is required giving you total control at all times and at any distance.

The beverage spout is manually adjusted to suit your cup size.

Two bean hoppers and two powder hoppers are available based on your chosen options.

The A300 brew unit, optimizes the extraction process ensuring perfect results every time.

Bean hoppers are easily removed and the precision grinding discs are extremely robust with a long service life, providing a consistent and uniform grind.

Whatever your preferences and requirements, the A300 can be combined and extended with a range of accessories to achieve the perfect fit for your business.



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