WL7 Firewall – Freestanding or Countertop – 1-50 Users

  • Serves 1 – 50 Users
  • COVID-secure purification
  • Ice Bath instant water chilling
  • Hands-free operation available
  • Freestanding & countertop models
  • One machine many water options
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WL7 Firewall®

Enjoy 5 water options in one from the world’s most certified water dispenser


Innovative and bottle free, the WL7 Firewall® (WL7 FW) freestanding and countertop is not only the worlds most certified water dispenser it’s also made to last from the highest quality materials. Remove 99.9999% of odour and mould causing bacteria whilst enjoying up to five varieties of water, including large volumes of ice-cold and sparkling water all from one machine.

Outstanding purification

Firewall® patented and certified UV technology thoroughly purifies water all the way through to the dispensing nozzle, preventing viruses and bacteria getting into the system.

Unrivalled performance

The system engineered to deliver abundance of ice-cold still and sparkling water can dispense up to 17 litres per hour of water at near-freezing temperatures.

Continuous protection

For your peace of mind key surfaces of the WL7 FW are infused with BioCote® technology, that continuously restricts microbial growth around the dispensing area, helping to reduce degradation of key surfaces and the potential for cross contamination


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